Single image stories

A collection of unrelated photographs


Father Timothy Mitchell, 91, finishes the evening chant in the monastery chapel at Our Lady of Guadalupe Trappist Abbey.

This image appeared in Issue 25 of Flux Magazine.

My grandpa’s belongings lying on the coffee-stained countertop: his daily-worn watch, pocketbook, teeth and shoehorn.

This is an image from an on-going personal project.

A man wades through the waters of the World War II memorial waters at night in search of change in Washington D.C.

This image was made for the Associated Collegiate Press Shoot-Out in October 2016.

Austin Rankin flinches as a cat tail seeds break in the air under the edge of a knife.

This is one image of a personal collection made in 2012. I was 15 years old when I took this photo and I look back at it now as a dream. The soft insides of the cat tail dancing over Austin’s exposed skin in the river bed under the harsh light, pinky nail and blade embody the confusing dreamscape that my early adolescence was. There was never anything do in the desert but seek out trouble.

A note reading, “Give thanks for everything just as it is and as it has been. Look for the gift that every experience has given you,” sits above a child’s drawing. There is no dad in the picture, a small and sweet detail of Abi Barella’s experiences as a single mom. From left to right, it is Zuri, Abi, Rumie and Taj.

This image is from an on-going story.